How Do I Create a Reimbursement?

Reimbursement transactions are created as an expense transaction with Splits. An example where you’d use a Reimbursement is if someone, on behalf of a committee, spent money for office supplies at a store and would then need to be reimbursed by the committee. 

  1. Navigate to the record of the individual you’re reimbursing (i.e. the person the committee is writing the check to)
  2. In the Transactions section, click to add a transaction and select Expense as the Type
  3. Add the details of the transaction in the appropriate fields
  4. Just under the Tags dropdown, click the Specify Splits button
  5. In the Entity field, enter the vendor or store where the money was spent, as well as the Amount and any other relevant details

If money was spent at multiple vendors by one individual, click Add Another to add another Split to the reimbursement. Otherwise, click the Add Transaction button to add the Reimbursement.