How Do I Copy Data Between My Accounts?

One of the unique features ISP offers is the ability to copy record information from one of your accounts to another using the Advanced Search page. You can copy the specific records returned in a search and include any records linked via Relationships (and those Relationship links as well), Flags on the records, and Third Party Donation information.

Once in the account you want to copy from, navigate to Add/Search and then select Advanced Search. Enter the criteria needed to return the records you want. Click Exports & Actions and then Copy to Another Account. Select the account you want to copy the data to. You will also see several checkbox options for additional details to include.

  • Include Spouses: This will also include any records linked to records returned in the search results via a Spouse Relationship
  • Include All Related Entities: This will include relationships from the returned entity and any additional records associated with those relationships
  • Include Flags: If you have any flags on the records and want those copied over as well, check this
  • Include Third Party Donations: If you are using the Third Party Donation feature in your current account to track donations made to other committees, you can also have that donation information copied over as well
  • Copy Contributions As Third Party Donations: Any contributions copied to the new account will be copied as Third Party Donations and linked as supporting the specific filer (account you’re copying from)

Once you click Process the data will begin to be copied over to the account selected. This is usually completed in about 5-15 minutes and our system will send you an email to indicate it is done.