How Do I Add Reimbursements to Personal Expenses for Oregon Compliance Reports?

Applies To: Oregon

If you have a reimbursement on a personal expense, Oregon requires this to be reported in a specific way. Per the guide there should be two transactions on the report to reflect the reimbursement. ISP is set up to handle this. Here are the steps to take to ensure the reimbursement is correctly reported.

First, create the personal expense by adding an Accrued Expense with the Tag labeled “Personal” to the individual being reimbursed. For the specific expenses involved, add those as Splits.

Next, add an Accrued Expense Payment to the Accrued Expense you just created. If you need help with adding a payment to an Accrued Expense, click here.

The most important part of this process is adding the “Personal” Tag to the original Accrued Expense. As long as this has been done, everything will pull to the report as needed.