How Do I Add New & Existing Users to an ISP Database?

User roles play an important part in not just what staff and volunteers have access to but it can also be vital in protecting data integrity and security. There are many user roles available and while some roles have the same permissions, each one will have its own limitations.

Adding users and their roles can only be done if you have the Super User or User Admin roles. Learn how to add new users and existing users to your ISP database below.

How do I add a new user?

In the System tab, select Users. On the resulting screen you’ll see a list of all the users in your database. To add one, click the Add User button at the bottom of the screen.

A window will appear and require you to enter in Name and Email information.

It’s very important that an incorrect email address will prevent the new user from being able to access the system. If the email address is incorrect, they will not receive the email containing their login information.

You’ll also have fields that determine which Account database you’d like to give the user access to, as well as the Role you’d like to assign them. If you work with multiple databases, you’ll see the full list of databases to choose from.

When selecting a Role, you’ll be able to view what permissions each user role carries. Some will have more access to database features and functionalities than others.

Once you have completed the fields, click the Add User button. That individual will then receive a welcome email containing their account and login information.

How do I add an existing user to a database?

This is similar to the steps above, in that you would access this from the same location, under the System tab.

In the window that appears, you’ll notice two tabs: New ISP User and Existing User(s). The default will show the New ISP User option but when adding an already existing user to a database, be sure to click the Existing User(s) tab.

Select the name of the user from the menu in the top field, then select the Account you’d like to give them access to and which Role you would like them to have.

When ready, click Add User. The individual will receive an email stating they’ve been given access to the database you chose.