How Do I Add a Ballot Measure for the CA 460 Report?

Applies To: California

In order to add a Ballot Measure and link it to your committee so it appears on the CA 460 report, take the following steps:

1. Navigate to Accounting, then to Add Transaction
2. Select Expense from the dropdown
3. In the transaction details, scroll down and click the Specify Support/Oppose option
4. In the Entity field, type in “The proposition”
5. Click the Add Ballot Measure option
6. In the modal that appears, complete the fields and click Add Ballot Measure
7. At this point, navigate away from the expense creation and to your committee record
8. In the Relationships section, click the add symbol in the top right corner
9. In the Affiliated field, type in the name of the ballot measure you just created
10. In the Relationship Type drop down menu, choose either Ballot Measure Support or Ballot Measure Oppose
11. Click Add Relationship

NOTE: If you receive an error or message stating the relationship link is not allowed due to it being circular, please ensure the name of the Ballot Measure does not match the name of a committee. If it does, make a slight alteration so it is different in the name.

After completing these steps, generate your CA 460 to confirm the information appears in Section 6 as expected.