How and When Do I Use Bulk Update?

If you need to make updates to multiple transactions en masse, you can use the Bulk Updates option. This option is available in the Financial reports area using the Transactions Report. The Bulk Update button is at the bottom of the screen in the Update drop-up menu. If you are editing a recorded deposit, you’ll have the same options there.
Please note that changing transactions in bulk can have significant impacts on compliance reports. Use extreme caution with this tool and be sure these are the changes you want to make.
Update Election: Select the Election from the drop down list of active elections in your database to update the transactions to have the same election designation.
Update Budget Category: Choose which Budget Category you want the transactions in list to have.
Update Transaction Method: Use this to change the method the transaction was made.
Update Financial Account: If you need to move multiple transactions from one Financial Account to another in your database, use this option.
Update Notes: In this window, you can select which note to update, whether it’s the Compliance Note, Check Note, or Internal Note. You also have the ability to update all the Note types at the same time.
Update Date: To change the date in bulk for your transactions, use the Update Date option.
Update Event: Add or Update multiple transactions with the Update Event option to include or edit Events tied to the transactions found in your report.
Other bulk update options can be found at the bottom of the Bulk Updates screen.
Remove Transaction Tags: If you have transactions with a Tag and would like to remove the tag, this option removes all Tags associated with the transactions in the list. Please note this option will not appear unless transactions exist in the database with Tags and fall within the report’s criteria.
Delete Transactions: This allows you to delete the transactions showing in the financial report results.