FEC Form 1M (Notice of Multi-Candidate Status)

Applies To: Federal Election Commission

To qualify as a multicandidate committee, a political committee must:

  • Be registered for at least 6 months;
  • Receive contributions from more than 50 persons; and
  • Make contributions to at least 5 Federal candidates. (This requirement does not apply to State party committees.) 

This form must be filed within 10 days after meeting the qualification criteria.

You can generate the Form 1M (Notice of Multi-Candidate Status) for either Status by Qualification or Status by Affiliation.

For Status of Affiliation ensure the following:

  1. The affiliated committee is linked to the filer entity record via Relationships, and the relationship is marked as Primary for the filer
  2. Check the Achieved Status by Affiliation box on the criteria screen when generating the report

For Status of Qualification ensure the following:

  1. The report date range used includes 5 expenses made to candidates
  2. The expenses in question have a Support/Oppose Memo to the Candidate (NOTE: this is our standard suggested data entry)
  3. The Candidate must have the following information in the Candidate Info section of their Individual record:
    … FEC Candidate ID
    … State
    … Office Sought (or Held)
    … Office Sought (or Held) Jurisdiction must be set to Federal
    … Office Sought (or Held) District Number
  4. There is a date in the Qualified field in the Committee Info section for the Filer

The system will automatically pull the date of the 51st unique contributor (starting from the very first contribution in the database associated with the Federal filer)