Different Options for FEC Form 3X Filing

Sometimes there is confusion about the different filing schedules for different Form 3x filers. The options for filing have to do with the size and activity of the committee. Typically, a filer will declare if they will be a monthly or quarterly filer at the conception of the committee. If they decide to change how frequently they’re going to file, they will file a Form 99 using the Filing Frequency Change Notice report period. Form 3x filers can file in two ways:

  • Monthly – this is usually party committees or PACs with a high volume of transactions.
  • Quarterly – this is usually party committees or PACs that do not have a lot of transactions. Quarterly filers that have little to no activity can also opt to file semi-annually (mid-year and end-year).

Both monthly and quarterly filers need to file the Pre-General and Post-General reports, but monthly filers do not have to file the Pre-Primary reports.