Deposit Batches Request API

ISPolitical supports requests of deposit batch information via a rest API using basic access authentication.

Your username will be a pipe delimited concatenation of the client account name & your integration login name. For example, the Civil War Online Donation System would use “Washington|CWODS” to submit data to the Washington account. Your same login can be used for any client accounts that have granted you access. Your password will be provided by ISPolitical staff.

If you have not integrated with ISPolitical before, you will need to contact to get an integration account setup.

A sample deposit batch request submission follows. If you have questions, please contact ISPolitical staff.

Submit to the API at

Submit the following:

{Item: "Deposit Batch"}

The following information will be returned:

1) Date
2) Amount
3) Name
4) Number
5) Dropbox Pathway