Adding and Tracking Pledges

There may be times where a donor makes a promise to contribute to the campaign in the future. In that situation, you can use the Pledge option to track that promised donation. These can be tracked in two different places, either on the Dashboard or within the entity’s record itself.

From within the record:

In any given record is a section called Pledges & Targets. In order to add a pledge, click the Add symbol in the top right corner of the section. In the window that appears, you’ll be able to set the Pledge date, the amount, and if you want a specific individual within the campaign to track it, or the Owner. After adding the desired data, click Add Pledge or Target or Add & New to add a new pledge.

Back in the record in the Pledges & Targets section, you’ll see the following helpful columns: Fulfilled Amount and Outstanding.

Fulfilled Amount will let you know how much towards the full pledge amount has already been donated. If there is a remaining balance of the pledge, this amount will show in the Outstanding column.

In order to add donations towards the pledge amount, click on the date of the pledge and when the window appears, you can enter in a Fulfilled Amount or click the Is Written Off option if the pledge has been forgiven or written off.

From the Dashboard:

On the Dashboard is a Pledge Aging section. Here you’ll see totals of any remaining outstanding pledges and they’ll be grouped by date ranges. To the right of each date range is the hot dog menu and here you can choose to export the outstanding pledge data to a spreadsheet or view the records that have outstanding pledges.

There is also a date and time when the Pledge Aging section was last updated. If you’d like to refresh it so that the data is current, click the Update option.