ActBlue Integration with ISPolitical

How to set up Integration with ActBlue:

1. Go to the System tab and select Integrations.

2. On the resulting page, click the ActBlue integration option.

3. A new field will appear and ask for your ActBlue Entity ID.

NOTE: This can be found by logging into your ActBlue account and viewing the URL of the Dashboard. It will be a 5 digit number and look something like this:

4. Next, you will receive a notification in ISP. It will say something like this, “You must contact ActBlue to complete the process. You will receive an email with further instructions.” In that email will be information on what to let ActBlue know so they can complete the setup on their end.

5. After you send the email to ActBlue (, within about 24 hours, donations via ActBlue will appear in the Imports section of the Dashboard. For more information on pending imports on the Dashboard, click here.

Once the integration is set up, the system will automatically create an ActBlue organization record in the account with ActBlue’s details.

In regards to the dates on these transactions, ActBlue sends the contribution data real-time as it is made. That is part of the process they have setup for integrations overall. While the conduit check itself can have the date received, the contributions would have the date given on them.

*Please note, temporary duplicate contact information is normal & expected with imports. They should get automatically cleaned up as part of the cleanup process. This typically runs within an hour of the import.

The other way to get ActBlue data into ISP is to export it from ActBlue on a regular basis, then import it using TOOLS > QUICK IMPORTS. By exporting it from ActBlue, you can also edit the file as needed so the dates of the contributions are what you want to report.