ActBlue Integration with ISPolitical

How to set up Integration with ActBlue:

1. Go to the System tab (the GEAR ICON) > USERS/INTEGRATIONS.

2. On the resulting page, scroll to the bottom and click “Add Integration”.

3. In the Integration dropdown menu, choose ActBlue.

4. A new field will appear and ask for your ActBlue Entity ID.

NOTE: This can be found by logging into your ActBlue account and viewing the URL of the Dashboard. It will be a 5 digit number and look something like this:

5. Next, send an email to (using an email associated with your ActBlue account) with the following message:

“Attn: Rachael or Alexis. Please enable the ISPolitical webhook.”

Within about 24 hours, donations via ActBlue will appear on the Dashboard in ISPolitical.