About the WV F7 Report

Applies To: West Virginia

The WV F7 form is used to report Contributions and Expenditures made by a candidate or committee. 

To report transactions on Page 4, Monetary Contributions from all fund-raising events, you will first need to create an event in the system. The Events page is found under the Lists tab. You will also want to associate expenses and in-kind contributions for related totals on these schedules.

To file your report, download the generated file and upload it to the West Virginia Secretary of State website. Once you’ve logged in, follow the instructions on the page to upload your generated file, review transactions, and file your report. If you notice any changes that have to be done on the West Virginia site, make your edits on ISP and re-generate the report.

The state’s e-filing system is prone to a lot of errors. Please allow yourself ample time to upload the file to the e-filing system.