About the WA Form C3 – Non-Candidate Report

Applies To: Washington
The WA Form C3 Non-candidate is a transaction deposit-based report for non-candidate-associated committees. To amend this report, the important thing is to select the previously generated report. An Original Report Number is not needed.

Version Differences:

  • Seattle: the date reported of a contribution is the date you are notified of the contribution, different than the regular reporting of the date reported is when the contribution is deposited into your bank account. Non-Candidate and Seattle versions itemize contributions if the aggregate exceeds $25. 
  • PDC: Itemizes all versions and itemizes all contributions. Out-of-state contributions itemize transactions regardless of amount if the state associated with the primary address is not WA. 
To file, log in to your state account and upload the generated report from ISP. 

For Seattle filers, access your agency account and upload the generated report from ISP.