About the WA C3 Report

Applies To: Washington

The WA C3 is a transaction deposit based report for any monetary receipts that have been deposited into an account. These deposits are created in ISP under the Accounting tab. If you need assistance with creating deposits, click here. After a deposit is made, you will then see it in the Deposit Transaction dropdown on the WA C3 criteria screen. 

Typically, the receipt date for donations is the date the contribution is deposited into the bank account. However, in Seattle races, the date reported is the date you are notified of the contribution.

In order to account for this, there are several report versions to choose from.

For the Candidate, Itemize All, and Out of State versions, if the method type is Credit Card, then the Date of the transaction will be the date of the deposit. 

For the Seattle, Seattle (Itemize All), and Seattle (Out of State) report versions, if the method type is Credit Card then the Date of the transaction will be transaction date.

Section 1: Monetary Contributions Deposited In Account

This section will contain all the various cash impact transactions that were deposited. 

a. Anonymous

b. Candidate’s personal funds

c. Loans, notes, security agreements

d. Miscellaneous receipts (i.e. interest, refunds)

e. Receipts under $25

For line (e), the C3 report will also tell you how many people make up that total amount. 

Section 2: Contributions Over $25.00

Any individual contributions over $25 found in the deposit for this report will itemize here. If the amount is over $100, the donor’s Employer information will appear. 

Please note if the donor’s contribution is over $100 and no Work address is in the donor’s record, a warning will appear and the address must be added for the report to be compliant.

Section 3: Total Funds Received and Deposited or Credited to Account

This section contains the sum of Sections 1 and 2. This amount will also be used for Line 1 on the C4 report.

Section 4: Date of Deposit

This section automatically populates based on the Date used for the deposit in the report.

For information on the Seattle Voucher Program and C3s, click here.

For information on the WA Auction Report, click here.

Please note: Refunds will not show up on the WA-C3, this goes for expenses as well. If there is a refund or an expense that is in a deposit batch it will be included on the WA-C4 but the WA-C3.
This is due to agency limits, the WA-C3 format does not support reporting these.

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