About the VA Compliance Report

Applies To: Virginia

The VA Compliance Report Form is used to report contributions and expenditures. See below the differences between the schedule groups and the various ways to report transactions with your committee. 

Schedule Groups

  • Schedule A: This schedule is used for monetary contributions by persons, organizations, and other entities in the aggregate of $100. 
  • Schedule B: This schedule is used for in-kind contributions received by your organization in aggregate of $100. 
  • Schedule C: This schedule is used for all other miscellaneous receipts of refunds, rebates, interest paid, and profit on investments made to your campaign or committee. 
  • Schedule D: This schedule is used for all disbursements of committee funds.
  • Schedule E: This schedule is used for any loans having been received or repaid. 
  • Schedule F: This schedule is used for any outstanding debts at the close of the reporting period. 
  • Schedule I: This schedule is used for reporting disbursements of surplus funds, this schedule should only be included when filing a final report.

In order to file reports using exports from ISP, your Statement of Organization must state that you are using an Approved Vendor and list ISPolitical.  If you notice any changes that have to be done on the Virginia site, make your edits on ISP and re-generate the report. To file your report, download the generated file and upload it to the Virginia Department of Elections website.