About the Register

The Register is a chronological list of financial transactions and running bank balance total. If you have multiple accounts, you can determine these results by selecting the Filer/Account from the drop down menu.

To the left of each transaction is a red X. This allows you to delete the transaction, if desired.

On the right side are three stacked dots, also known as the hot dog menu. Clicking this provides options available to edit the transaction. These options are based on the transaction type.

For example, if the transaction is an Expense, you will have options that include printing the expense to a check and adding a refund.

If you delete or change amount details of a transaction, the data in the Balance column above the transaction you edited will be blurred out…

… and you will then have the option to refresh the Register to update the Balance column totals.

At the bottom of the screen are the following buttons:

Add Transaction: Clicking this allows you to add a new transaction of any type.

Undeposited Funds: This screen will be where all the transactions that have yet to be deposited live. The number listed is the total amount of transactions waiting to be deposited.

Balances: If you have transactions that carry a debt, such as a Loan or Accrued Expense, this page will show those transactions.

Go To Non-Monetary Transactions: Non-Monetary transactions consist of In-Kind contributions, Support/Oppose memos, and other transactions with no cash impact.