About the PA DSEB-502 Version: Federal PAC Filing State Report

Applies To: Pennsylvania – Political Action Committees (PACs)

A Federal PAC may make contributions or expenditures to Pennsylvania candidates if it is also registered as a PAC with the state. In addition to filing reports with the Federal Election Commission, it must also timely file reports with the State of Pennsylvania.

For PACs this applies to, use the Federal PAC Filing State Report version of the PA Form-DSEB-502. If you do not see this report version available to you, please contact support.

This report version will include the following:

  • All contributions received by the PAC
  • Itemized expenditures made to PA candidates
  • A lump sum expenditure entry of all Non-Pennsylvania Expenditures

You will not need to manually enter this lump sum amount. The software will calculate the total of all your non-PA expenditures and automatically add this entry to the report.

In order for expenditures made to PA state candidates to be itemized on the report, you will need to include a support/oppose memo on the transaction. Click here for instructions on how to add support/oppose memos.