About the PA DSEB-502 Report

Applies To: Pennsylvania

The PA DSEB-502 Form is used for candidates, political committees, and contributing lobbyists who must disclose contributions and expenditures. The aggregate total of contributions will determine which part of the report form should be used to disclose a contribution or receipt.  

  • A record must be kept of the receipt, dates of contribution, name, and addresses of each person from whom a contribution of over $10 has been received. Contributions and receipts of $50 or less should appear on Schedule I, Contributions and Receipts Detailed Summary Page, Line 1. 
  • Contributions and receipts between $50 to $250 will need to be reported on Schedule I, Part A, Contributions Received from Political Committees, or Part B, All Other Contributions.
  • Contributions and receipts over $250 should be displayed on Schedule I, Part C, Contributions Received from Political Committees, or Part D. All Other Contributions.

If you are filing an annual report that covers the full year instead of the standard end-of-year period, you will be prompted to change the cycle start dates when uploading the third-party files. Per the advice of the state, click YES to change the cycle start dates. In doing that, the View Preview function will no longer work – you will have to submit the report without previewing. 

To file your report, you must generate and download your e-file to upload to your filing account. You can log in and file your report with your state account.