About the OH Standard Report

Applies To: Ohio

The OH Standard report is an extensive summary report with specific scheduled groups for a committee to report its contributions and expenditures.

Schedule Groups

  • Schedule A: Contributions Received: This group lists all money received except interest income, refunds, or loans. All contributions over $25 need to be reported along with their name, address, and amount contributed. 
  • Schedule A2: Other Income: This group lists all interest income, the total of all loans that have been received during the current reporting period, and any sort of refunds. 
  • Schedule B: Expenditures: This group is to list the purpose for all expenditures being sent out. The name, address, amount, and date of each expenditure are required reporting. The date listed should be whenever the payment is mailed or handed over. 
  • Schedule C: Loans Received: Money loaned to a committee is to be reported on this schedule. Funds loaned to your committee that is still outstanding at the end of the current reporting period must be reported here. 
  • Schedule CC: Political Party Restricted Fund Deposits: This form will be used by state or county political parties. All money received from the Ohio political party fund must be reported here. 
  • Schedule E: Contributions Received at a Social or Fund-Raising Event: This is for all contributions received from a social or fund-raising event. It is not uncommon for an event to appear on another report due to overlapping reporting periods. 
  • Schedule F: Expenditures for Social or Fund-Raising Event: Used for specific events sponsored by your committee, all expenses related to the cost of an event like this will need to be reported.
  • Schedule G: Contributors in Officeholder’s Employ: Any contributions from any unit or department under the candidate’s supervision that donate must be reported here. 
  • Schedule J-1 and J-2: In-Kind Contributions Received and Made: The J-1 will report any amount of in-kind contributions received, and J-2 will report any amount of in-kind contributions made.
  • Schedule K: Statement of Loans Made: Used to report any amount of money loaned to another committee.
  • Schedule M: Statement of Political Party Restricted Fund Disbursements: Used by state and county political parties. Any money disbursed from the political party-restricted fund account is to be reported here.
  • Schedule N: Statement of Outstanding Debts: Reported for outstanding debs of 60 days or more.
  • Schedule P: Contributions for Debt Retirement: Statewide and general assembly candidates only, reported for contributions received for retiring specific debts.
  • Schedule T: Contributors Doing Business with State Elected Officers: Used only by statewide officials and general assembly members that have received contributions from a business transactions.
  • Schedule U: IE Made by Campaign Committee, PAC, Political Party or Legislative Campaign Fund: This is for any independent expenditures made by a committee, PAC , Political Party or Le

This form will need to be downloaded as a file to upload into the Ohio Campaign Finance Online Filing System. You can access it by logging into your state account and view instructions on how to submit a Campaign Finance Report by CFOFS using the upload function. There may be issues with the CFOFS that may cause issues with filing. Please allow yourself ample time to upload the file.