About the OH Form 30C Report

Applies To: Ohio

The OH 30C form, or Two-Business-Day statement, is filed by campaign committees of the joint candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Same with any campaign committee of a candidate for Chief Justice or a Justice of the Supreme Court. 

If, beginning on the 19th day before the general election in which the candidate is seeking election and extending to the day of the election, you receive a contribution during that time that causes the aggregate amount to be equal to or exceed $10,000, it must be reported no later than two business days after the receipt of the contribution. Contributions reported on this statement must also be included in the post-general election statement. 

Set the Report To Date parameter as the 19th day before the date of the general election and the Report From Date as current date (or date report is generated). Generate the report, download the PDF, and email the PDF to CFforms@ohiosecretaryofstate.gov