About the NY Cf-07 (Authorized User Designation and Removal Form)

Applies To: New York

The New York State Board of Elections requires all filers to use the web-based application for financial disclosure reporting. 

The Authorized User Designation and Removal Form is filed by treasurers to designate authorized users or remove users for the New York’s filing. 

NYSBOE permits a treasurer to designate additional authorized users who can access the filer’s EFS Web Application account. Each authorized user will have a different email address and password login than the treasurer has. Authorized users will be able to login into the committee’s account, create report drafts, and add/delete/edit transactions. Authorized users will not be able to submit any reports, as responsbility goes to the treasurer of the committee. 

All of New York’s authorization forms are not e-fillable. The CF-07 must contain an original signature in ink, then mailed to:

NYS Board of Elections 
Attn: Compliance Unit 
40 North Pearl Street, Suite 5 
Albany, NY 12207