About the MT Committee Report

Applies To: Montana

The MT Committee Report Form is a Periodic Report for Contributions received and Expenditures made to Support or Oppose candidates or ballot issues. All counties, Municipal, and school district political committees will be required to file the C6 if either Contributions and Expenditures exceed $500 in value. 

Log in to the state’s Campaign Electronic Reporting System and find/create the report that covers your current reporting period. Once you’ve selected your report, go to View Finance Reports and the Upload button at the bottom. Each schedule must be uploaded separately.

Once you have completed an upload, there is no button to undo it. The most likely method of fixing an incorrect upload is manually editing out those transactions.

Accrued Expense Payments and Loan Received Repayments are not included in the upload file. These transactions must be manually entered and linked to their original transactions on the state system.

The MT Committee Report does not support the following:

  • Accrued Expense Balance Reduction
  • Loan Received Balance Reduction
  • Loan-Made Balance Reduction

To designate an Expenditure as an Electioneering Communication, an Over Contribution Limit Refund, or an expenditure paid out of corporate funds, you must edit the desired transaction on CERS after uploading.