About the MO Committee Disclosure Report

Applies To: Missouri

The MO Committee Disclosure Report is used to report Receipts and Disbursements of a committee for the correct reporting period. The Committee Disclosure has different report versions with different threshold amounts. 

Versions Differences 

  • Quarterly Reports: All committees must file quarterly disclosure reports no later than the 15th day following the close of each calendar quarter. 
  • 48-Hour Report of Contribution over $5,000: Any individual or committee that receives a single contribution, including loans, in any amount over $5,000 must submit the report through the MEC electronic filing system. 
  • Late Contribution Report: Any candidate committee that receives a contribution, including loans, in an amount over $250 between the 11th day before the election through the day before the election, must report the contribution within 24 hours. 
  • Late Expenditure Report: Each time a PAC spends or incurs more than $250, whether it is a single expenditure or combined expenditures, due after the 12th day before an election. A full disclosure report must be filed within 24 hours, not including contributions made. 
  • 40-Day Before Election Report: Required for any accepted contributions or expenditures for the current election. 
  • 30-Day After Election Report: Only required if contributions are accepted or expenditures made more than $1,000.

To file, download your generated report and log in with your MEC ID. Once you have logged in, you will have the option to upload a vendor file or proceed to a manual filing menu. Choose the vendor option and upload the zip folder you downloaded. Do not extract or edit the files in the folder.

If a report you originally submitted using the vendor file method is amended manually and not using the vendor file option, it can no longer be amended using the import method.