About the MN 24 Hour CAND Report

Applies To: Minnesota

The MN 24-Hour CAND Report is for candidate committees to report contributions and loans from any one source totaling more than $1,000 during the 24-Hour Report Period. These must be reported to the Board in person by the end of the next business day after receipt or by electronic filing within 24 hours after the receipt. These transactions will also be included in subsequent reports of receipts and expenditures for the year. 

For election years, there is a gap between the last date of the Pre-Primary election report and the primary date, and between the last date of the Pre-General election period and the General election. Any contributions of $1,000 or more will need to be reported if happening during that time. Currently, the MN 24-Hour CAND does not support loans received. 

After generating the MN 24-Hour CAND report, download the PDF and submit the itemized transactions to the state’s 24-Hour Notice Online Application by logging into your state account