About the LA Form 202 Report

Applies To: Louisiana

The LA Form 202 Report is a form filed by committees that support or oppose one or more candidates and/or propositions and that are not candidate committees. All transactions must be reported, regardless of the amount. However, In-kind transactions at $25 or less are not required to be reported. 

How do I get transactions to the total on Special Transactions?

Line 23: Ensure the entity is marked as an organization Political Committee.
Line 24: Ensure the monetary contribution has the tag Tickets.
Line 25: Ensure the monetary contribution has the tag Campaign Paraphernalia.
Line 26: Ensure the expense has the tag Petty Cash.

How do I upload the PDP file to the state?

To e-file with LA, you need to download the e-file, which already is formatted to PDP from ISP. LA requires PDP format and you will need to upload it into the state’s system. Log in to your state account to upload the PDP file. 

In Louisiana, visit their PDP File Validation Tool and log in. After logging in, select the PDP file you were given from the state. Validate the PDP and once successfully passed validation, you will be able to E-file that report.