About the IL Form D-2

Applies To: Illinois

The IL Form D-2 Report is used to file Quarterly and Final reports, as well as Amendments to those filings. If you would like to itemize every transaction on your report, use the Itemize All version. Otherwise, use the Standard version.

Anonymous transactions are automatically unitemized. If you want Anonymous transactions to pull to the report, add the Other Income transactions to the Anonymous record on the Other Entities page.

Illinois e-filing expects the type of transaction, such as Monetary Contribution, to be submitted with an exact format, including spelling and capitalization. To accommodate the All Caps option, there are some words that will never be in all caps, like Contribution or Expenditure.

This report also supports Investments. Create a Financial Account with Investment as the type, and ensure that’s linked to the bank’s organization record. Also ensure that the Date Opened is filled in; that is used on the report. Once you’ve done that, create an Internal Transfer from the filer’s regular account to the investment account.