About the GA CCDR Report

Applies To: Georgia

The Georgia Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report requires all active filers to report contributions received of any amount. Expenditures of all amounts are to be reported on the Expenditures Made.

The cover page will contain basic report and committee info.

  • Section 1: The Report Type is determined by the Amended box on the criteria screen. If this is unchecked, the Original box will be checked on the report.
  • Section 2: The candidate Office and Filer ID will appear here. If it is not a candidate committee, the committee name and Filer ID will pull.
  • Section 3: This section contains the full name, street address, and other contact info for the committee. The date and time the report was generated will also show. To add the Committee Chairperson and Treasurer names, be sure they are linked via the Relationships section in the committee’s record. For the Committee Chairperson, the Relationship option is called Principal Officer.
  • Section 4: To get the correct option chosen in this section, select the option from the Report Period dropdown menu on the criteria screen.
  • Affirmation Statement: This part is intentionally left blank, as this PDF is only meant for review and not to filed. 

At this time, a loan made, a loan made repayment, and a loan made balance reduction isn’t supported, nor is the Investments schedule. Please be sure to make a note of your confirmation number, as you will need that to file an amendment.

Georgia e-filing expects the type of transaction, such as Monetary Contribution, Expense, and election type; General, Run-Off Special Primary, to be submitted with an exact format, including spelling and capitalization. To accommodate the ALL CAPS option, some words will never be in all caps, like Contribution or Expenditure, or Primary.

To file, log in to your state account to file your report.