About the FEC Form 6 Report

Applies To: Federal Election Commission

The FEC Form 6 Report is used for a 48-Hour Notice of Contributions and Loans Received to disclose the receipt of contributions of $1,000 or more within 20 days before an election. Form 6 is intended for Principal Campaign Committees that meet the mentioned threshold. 

When filing this report, the following transaction types are supported if a contribution exceeds $1,000.

  • Monetary and in-kind Contributions
  • Loans that are not bank loans
  • Advances
  • Contributions
  • Personal loans, endorsements of bank loans
  • Advances made by the candidate
  • Candidate’s personal credit cards

The 48-hour Notice requirement does not apply to contributions previously disclosed on reports. 

Additionally, if there is no Employer information for a particular Individual, then the words Information Requested will populate in the Name of Employer field. Likewise, if there is no Occupation information, then these words will populate in the Occupation field.