About the Fec Form 3 Report

Applies To: Federal Election Commission
The FEC Form 3 Report is a disclosure report of Receipts and Disbursements for authorized committees. To generate the report, go to the Reports tab, then to Compliance. On the resulting screen will be the criteria you’ll need to set in order to generate the report. Be sure to use the correct criteria in order to generate the necessary and compliant results. Some fields, including Previous General Election Date, can have a significant effect on totals.
  • The 012 Splits Independent of Whole version itemizes splits with reporting code 012 on Line 21 regardless of the whole parent reporting code.
  • The 012 Splits with Whole version itemizes splits on Line 21 if the whole transaction has reporting code 012.

Neither version is the right one, as this is a stylistic choice. The FEC has no preferred method.

If your previously filed report was a Post-General or Year End with Col C, use the amount found in Col C here instead. Previous unitemized individual donations are reported on Line 11aii, Column B of your previously filed report. 

The Year End with Col C report period is used by filers that ran in the primary but did not move forward with the general election. Using this report period will get the Col C to reset the election cycle totals.