About the FEC Form 3 (PAC) Report

Applies To: Federal Election Commission

The FEC Form 3 Political Action Committee is a disclosure report of Receipts and Disbursements for PACs.

  • The 012 Splits Independent of Whole version itemizes splits with reporting code 012 on line 21 regardless of the whole parent reporting code.
  • The 012 Splits with Whole version itemizes splits on line 21 if the whole transaction has reporting code 012.

Neither version is the right or wrong one, as this is a stylistic choice. The FEC has no preferred method.

Report Parameters

  • Date Range: Please ensure that your date range lines up with standard FEC reporting dates or dates that are specific to your report. Such as the Pre-Primary, Post-General, etc.
  • Current Election: This dropdown contains all the elections set up for your campaign’s database.
  • Amended: For filing amendments only, you will need to click this box, and additional fields will appear on which report is being amended. Only reports filed with ISP will show up; if you are amending a report filed outside ISP, you will need the original report number and start your amendment numbers going in order starting at 1.
  • Report Period: Available report periods will appear in the dropdown.
  • Previously Unitemized Individual Donations: This number needs to be correct or it could cause calculation errors on your report. You can click the Get From FEC to retrieve this information.
  • All Caps: This will generate your entire report in all caps.
  • Sort Order: Use this dropdown for a variety of ways in which you can have your report sorted by splits and wholes alphabetically, date,  or at random.

If your previously filed report was a Post-General or Year End with Column C, use the amount found in Col C here instead. The Year End with Column C report period is used by filers that ran in the primary but did not move forward with the general election. This reporting period will get Column C to reset the election cycle totals.