About the CA Form 497 — Reverse

Applies To: California

The CA 497-Reverse Report is for donors that meet the criteria to be considered a Major Donor and have requested that you file this report on their behalf. Be advised of the specific criteria needed for each version of the 497.


This version is filed by State and Local committees making or receiving Contributions whose combined total is $1,000 or more in the 90 days before an election.

Ten Business Day

This version must be filed within 10 business days by state committees that make contributions totaling $5,000 or more in connection with a state ballot measure or state committees that receive single contributions of $5,000 or more.

Third Pre-Election Report

This version is for certain Local Jurisdictions (ie: San Diego) who are choosing to use the 497 for a Third Pre-Election Report instead of the 460. 

Using the Entity dropdown, find the name of the donor that qualifies as a Major Donor. Generate and Review the report  After filing the report, be sure to click on Mark As Filed once you receive confirmation. That tells the system you are finished with that Donor and to move on to the next one. Click on New Report to select any additional donors.