About the CA Form 400

Applies To: California

The CA Form 400 form must be filed within 10 days after the slate mailer organization receives or is promised $500 or more for producing one or more slate mailers.

Important Notes

  1. To pull the Date Qualified as a Slate Mailer, add a date to Date Qualified under the Committee Info section of the Filer Record
  2. Individuals with the relationship type “Assistant Treasurer”, “Committee Staff”, “Employer”, “Member”, “Principal Officer”, “Sponsor” will pull to Page 1, Section II
  3. Due to limitations with the CA PDF generator, the Treasurer will pull to Page 1, Section II, but “Other Principal Officers” appear on a supplemental page instead of
    the PDF.
  4. On the report generation screen, you can select up to three authorized individuals for Page 2, Section III.
  5. If your Slate Mailer is also a General Purpose committee, link the General Purpose committee to the Slate Mailer Entity Record with relationship type “Authorized Committee”. This will pull to Page 2, Line IV