About the AZ Periodic Report / PAC Bulk Import

Applies To: Arizona

The AZ Periodic Campaign Finance Report / PAC Bulk Import is used to report Contributions & Expenses. 

When filing this report, the following transaction types are not supported:

  • Loan Received
  • Loan Received Payment
  • Loan Received Balance Reduction 
  • Loan Made
  • Loan Made Repayment
  • Loan Made Balance Reduction

If you need to import these transactions, please contact our Support team ASAP. 

To File Your Report:

In order to file your report to AZ State:

  1. Please check with the state first to ensure your committee is set as a bulk filer.
  2. Download the .txt efile
  3. Log into your state account to upload and file your report.

In order to file your report to Maricopa County:

  1. Download the PDF file
  2. Email the downloaded PDF to: campfin@risc.maricopa.gov