Why Is My Compliance Report Cash on Hand Different From My Register Cash on Hand?

Sometimes you may notice your Cash On Hand total on the compliance report is different from the total in your register. A common reason is a transaction remains undeposited. However, the most common reason is that a transaction was deposited after the close of the reporting period. In this case, the explanation for the transaction’s inclusion on the Cash vs Bank Balance report would appear in the report results as Deposited after the date but received before.

To help determine the specific transactions creating this difference, use the Cash vs Bank Balance report on the Compliance Tools page under the Report tab. Select the Cash vs Bank Balance from the Report field drop-down menu, add the date in the Date field, then click the Submit button. 

Along with the reason for including the transaction on the Cash vs Bank Balance report, report results will include the transaction date, the entity associated with the transaction, and the transaction amount. They will also include your Cash On Hand total and Bank Balance total.