What Is Two Factor Authorization and How Do I Set It Up?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra security step to your basic log-in procedure.

Without 2FA, you enter in your username and password, and then you’re done. The password is your single factor of authentication. The second factor makes your account much more secure. After setting up 2FA, you will be asked to confirm your account every 30-days and whenever you use a new device or browser to sign in.

In order to set up 2FA, first, go to the Settings Menu, then select Two-Factor Authentication. On the resulting screen, you’ll see two locations to choose from when setting up 2FA, My Settings and My Accounts.

My Settings: This will make it so every account you log into will require 2FA. 

My Account: Here you can choose specific accounts to require 2FA (Your login has to have this enabled in My Settings as well).

How do I set up Two Factor Authentication for my login?

1. Navigate to the Settings Menu (Gear Icon) and Select Two-Factor Authentication from the drop down menu.
2. Under the section that says My Settings click the blue button + Set Up Two-Factor Authentication.
3. A pop up will appear where you can turn on 2FA, select a method to receive your code (SMS is the most common way), and a phone number to associate with the 2FA.
4. Log out and back in. You will be prompted to enter a code sent to you by one of the methods selected.

What are the different Two Factor Authentication methods?

Send a text message with a one-time passcode to your mobile device.

Phone Call
Receive a call with a one-time passcode.

For first time users, you’ll be requested to install an app on your phone which will generate a one-time code to enter on the log in.

Using the same app as TOTP, tap the Requests option in the top left corner. In Pending, you’ll see a pending request. Tapping that will give you Deny or Approve options. The moment you tap Approve, ISP will automatically log you in.

If you do not receive the SMS Message or the TOTP/One Touch notification we recommend a few things. Make sure that to desired 2FA method is in place. Please ensure the correct phone number is on file in ISP. Check to see if the app is updated. If it is please uninstall then reinstall and try again. 

If you choose SMS or TOTP as your 2FA method, the My Settings section will be an option to resend the Authy install link to your phone if you need to reinstall it.