What Is Call Time and How Do I Use It?

In ISP, you can use Call Time to create a script or outline to help when contacting entities in your database. This script, while in Call Time mode, will show at the top of the record and help guide you through your communication with the individual.

The first step is to create your script in Call Time Settings. These can be created for specific users in your database, as well. 

Call Time works in conjunction with Reminders. Once you set up Call Time for either yourself or another user, and if there are current or past due Reminders assigned to you or that user, a button will show on the Dashboard allowing entry into Call Time mode. Once you click it, you’ll be taken to the first record in your list of Reminders. If you have multiple records, there will be buttons in the bottom left and right corners of each record to jump to the next individual in the Reminders list.

At the top of the screen in each record in the Reminders list, you’ll see the script you created in Call Time Settings. This will only appear when you are in Call Time mode. When calling or contacting the individual, you can use the script to guide your communication.

After you’ve contacted the individual, click the Record Communication button at the bottom of the screen. In the window that appears, complete the fields outlining and noting the communication you made with the individual, then click Record Communication.