What Are the Financial Reports in ISP?

ISP has multiple report options for you to gather financial information. You can focus on individual transactions or more overall data, such as Net Worth or Cash Flow. Many of the different financial reports are customizable to gather only the information you need.

Accounts Payable: This report provides information on any outstanding Accrued Expenses whether it’s a full or partial amount owed.

Budget: This report shows transactions based on Budgets you have created in your database. The results will reflect totals based on Budget Categories tied to transactions.

Budget Category: This report allows you to view Count and Amount information for all Budget Categories in use in your database.

Cash Crunch: The Cash Crunch report provides clarity between short-term and long-term debts based on a specific date range. This includes monetary values for Budget Categories used during the campaign, any remaining amount owed on Loans Received at the end of the determined period, and your Ending Available Cash.

Cash Flow: The Cash Flow report shows increases and decreases to your Cash On Hand totals. This shows values for all transaction types that have been used.

Cash Flow by Month: The Cash Flow by Month report breaks down increases and decreases by month.

Detailed Financials: The Detailed Financials report allows you to view Receipts, Disbursements, Loans, and Other Debts & Obligations over a period of time determined by the Date Range dropdown. Results include specific details, including Election and Compliance Note.

Donation Details: The Donation Details report gathers a list of contributions that contain Splits, Inkinds, Refunds, and Memos.

Donation Summary: Use the Donation Summary to get a report based on Individual and/or Organization or Business donations, including Splits and Inkinds.

Donation Summary by Election: This report breaks down donations by the Election each transaction is associated with and reflects a total value for each Election.

Net Worth: If you’d like to see totals for each of your Financial Accounts based on a specific Date, use the Net Worth report. This report also allows you to include Pledges and Targets in the results.

Net Worth by Month: The Net Worth by Month report is a monthly breakdown of totals for the Financial Accounts in your database.

Period Results: The Period Results report shows totals based on the start and end date of a reporting period. Use the Date Range field to determine the period you’d like to search in.

Profit & Loss: The Profit & Loss report breaks down Income and Expenses by Budget Category.

Profit & Loss by Month: The Profit & Loss By Month report reflects Income and Expense totals broken down by month and based on the Date Range selected.

Register: The Register report lists transactions added to your database and included in the Register. Any transactions that have not been deposited yet will not show on this report.

Soft Credit Totals: The Soft Credit Totals report allows you to view who is helping your campaign raise funds and how much each ambassador collected.

Split Details: The Split Details report provides a list of Split transactions associated with a particular entity and their transactions. The Entity is chosen via the Main Entity dropdown.

Transactions: The most widely used Financial report, the Transactions report allows you to use a robust amount of options to locate transactions in your database. Use the filters to expand or narrow your search and results.

Uncleared Transactions: For a list of transactions not yet reconciled, use the Uncleared Transaction report. These transactions will also be found on the Reconcile Bank Statement screen.