What Are Intra-Account Transfers?

Creating transfers between accounts can be stressful, especially when Splits are involved. With Intra-Account Transfer, you can transfer funds between any Parent and Child accounts you are working in. This tool will also help make proper reporting of these transactions possible.

How do I add an Intra-Account Transfer in ISP Software?

In the From and Transfer To menus, select which accounts you’ll be transferring funds to and from. Below that are options to choose the Financial Account, Transfer Amount, and Donor Date Range. The red asterisk denotes which fields are required.

If you’d like to limit this to only Individuals, as well as exclude any addresses outside of the US, you have those checkbox options.

Once all criteria is added, click the Submit button. A Monetary Contribution transaction will be created and Splits will be selected based on the criteria you’ve specified using a smallest donation amounts first preference.


Once a transaction is used for one transfer, it will not be used again unless there is a remainder from the initial transfer.