What Are Communication Types?

In the Communications section in any entity record, you can track calls, text messages, emails, and other forms of communications for that entity. In ISP, we have created various Communication Types to cover most situations; however, you can edit these or create your own. All Communication Types are customizable.

Communications are included in several Fundraising/Analysis reports. Consequently, their use illustrates how much effort went into a fundraising campaign rather than relying on campaign results.

How do I Create Custom Communication Types or create my own?

Navigate to the Lists tab, then select Communication Types. On the resulting screen, click Add Communication Type to create a new one or click an existing one to edit it. You will see a pop-up appear in both cases with a field called Communication Type. This is where you enter the new name or change an existing name.

Once saved, your Communication Type will become an additional option for any new communications created. If you are editing an existing Communication Type, any communications already applied to that Communication Type will change to the new name you enter. This makes it easier to mass change a communication without editing every record.

If you try to delete a Communication Type that has communications associated with it, our system will make that Communication Type inactive instead of deleting it. This means existing data will remain as is, but no new communications can be applied to that Communication Type. You can click on the inactive button next to the Communication to reactivate it if needed again.