How Do I Void A Recorded Check?

It’s not uncommon for a committee to write a check in one reporting period only to find out the check was lost or never deposited in another. This can create a bit of confusion as to how it gets added to the system so it pulls to compliance and financial reports correctly. 

1. Under the Accounting tab, select Add Transaction.
2. Select the Expense Transaction Type.
3. Make sure to check the Is Reversal checkbox at the top.
4. Create the Expense transaction with many of the same transaction details as the voided check. There are, however, a few notable differences.

  • The date should match the date you voided the check. Any date in the period the check is voided should be ok. However, you may want to check with your agency to be sure.
  • The compliance note should indicate this is a voided check and what prior check you are voiding.
5. Click Save to save the voided check transaction.