How Do I Use the Account Management Page?

The Account Management page provides various pieces of important account information, such as billing and other preferences.

Account Details: The Account Details section displays the Account Name, the schema name (important for various integration purposes), and which Filing Agency the account files with.

Billing Rates: The Billing Rates section shows what the accounts billing rates and dates are.

Account Preferences: The Account Preferences section provides a couple different options for both how data is added to your database and also how it appears on Compliance reports. If available, use the toggle to allow the system to scour agency sites for committees to potentially add as an Organization record to your database. You also have an option to have the font displayed in cursive on Compliance reports.

User Preferences: With User Preferences, you can set the time zone for your user account. This will ensure all timestamps or other facets of logging time are per the timezone of your preference.

If you’d like to make the account dormant and stop the billing process, you can click the Stop Billing/Make Dormant button at the bottom of the screen.

On this page you also have the ability to change or edit billing information. Click the Update Billing Information button at the bottom and on the resulting screen, add new routing and/or account data.

If you’d like to get your most recent billing statement, click the Related Pages button at the bottom, then Get Statement at the bottom of the page.