How Do I Update OR Edit a Deposit?

In ISP, you can change details of an existing deposit or bulk update transactions in the deposit.

Editing Deposits

If you need to edit a deposit, click the deposit from within the Register. This will bring you to the Record Deposit screen with the existing deposit’s details, including Name or Date, as well as adding or removing transactions from the deposit, if the details were incorrect.

If you’d like to add transactions to a deposit, locate the Add Transactions section below the list of highlighted transactions already existing in the deposit. For any transactions in the Add Transactions section that you’d like to add, check the box to the left of the transaction or transactions you want to add. To edit Number, Name, and/or Date, edit the fields at the top of the deposit.

When you have finished making changes to the deposit, click the Update Deposit button. 

At the bottom of the screen is a Bulk Update button. Here you can make bulk updates to all the transactions in the deposit. This update can be for Budget Category, Transaction Method, or Notes. There is also a Delete Transactions button if you need to remove transactions.

The Add Deducted Fees menu allows you to create an expense to offset any fees associated with the deposit, or link an existing expense, refund, or reversed monetary contribution to the deposit.