How Do I Set Up a Kindful Integration?

Our integration partners sometimes make updates to their system that we are unaware of. If the steps provided in our help file don’t match what you see, please contact Support and we will update our help file to accurately reflect the correct steps.

Setting up Kindful integration is simple in ISPolitical, but there are some important points to remember in order to ensure contributions are synced in ISPolitical correctly!

1. Login to your account.
2. Navigate to GEAR ICON > USERS.
3. Click the button at the bottom called “+ Add Integration”.
4. Select the Integration option “Kindful” and click “ADD INTEGRATION”.
5. Wait a moment, as you will be sent over to Kindful’s site and prompted to login.

6. After a successful login, you’ll be sent back to the ISP user page and Kindful will be added as an integration.

Once the integration is set up, the system will automatically create a Kindful organization record in the account with Kindful’s details.

In Kindful, when you set up a fund there is a specific format you will need to use to make sure the data can be mapped correctly in ISPolitical.

If this format isn’t followed the data will not sync:

Fund Name = Filer: ElectionName


Fund Name = Zach Morris for Prez: G-2020
Fund Name = ZachPAC: Non-Election
Fund Name = MorrisCares PAC: O-1950