How Do I Print Checks?

The Print Check feature allows you print expenses to various check formats based on your needs or preferences.

Each format allows for both a pre-lined check or a simple blank stock check. You also have the option of a middle-layout check, which can be ordered from Multi Business System at 800-767-1383.

If you have multiple checks to print, you can select a number to use for the first check by entering that number in the Starting Check # field. This is directly above the Check Format drop down menu.

If you don’t see the check you need to print, it’s possible you have a Check Number already in the transaction details. If so, remove the Check Number from the details of the transaction and return to this page to print the check.

At the bottom of the screen is a button labeled Manage Check Details. Clicking this button directs you to a page where you can add banking information for each financial account in your database, such as bank name and address, or account and routing number. You also have the options of setting approval rules and including a signature image. Once you’ve set these, click Print Checks to return to the list of transactions available to print to a check.

After you’ve set the criteria and any check details, you can then select checks to print by checking the box to the left of each transaction. You can select one or many of them. If you’d like to select all of them at once, in the top left corner of the transactions list, to the left of the Financial Account column header, you’ll see a standalone check box. Checking this selects or de-selects all at once.

Please note that checks six months prior to the current date will not show in the list of available checks to print.

Once ready to print, click the Generate button at the bottom of the screen. This will prepare the check or checks to be downloaded anywhere to your computer as a PDF. From there you can open them and print out to the check stock loaded into your printer.