How Do I Find Communications Made By Date and/or Type?

In Advanced Search, you can find entity records based on Communications made on a specific date. Navigate to the Advanced Search option under the Add/Search tab to begin.

First add a rule using the following criteria:

  • Area: Communications
  • Field: Date
  • Relationship: (choose if you want to use a specific date or a before/after date option)
  • Value: (this dropdown provides various date options, including a custom date range option)

Click Add Rule

At this point, if you only needed a report of Communications made on a specific date but without specifying the communication type, click the Run Search button at the bottom of the screen. However, if you want to search on both the date and the communication type, use the next step to add to the Advanced Search recipe.

In the Add Rule section, leave the Area as Communication and select the following criteria for the remaining options:

  • Field: Communication Type
  • Relationship: Is Any Of (use Is Not Any Of if you want to exclude specific Communication Types)
  • Value: (select one or more Communication Types from the dropdown)

Click Add Compound Rule. Note that this is different than the Add Rule button.

When ready, click the Run Search button at the bottom of the screen. If this is a report you expect to run on a regular basis, click the Save & Run Search button to both save the report criteria for future use and to generate the report.