How Do I Export Data Out of WinRed for Quick Imports in ISP?

If you choose to import WinRed data manually via Quick Imports in ISP, it’s important to be sure you are capturing and exporting the right data in your WinRed account. 

In WinRed, there are three different data imports you can select from.

Export of Donations: This export does NOT contain conduit/batch information so while this may provide donation data, it’s not the best export option for importing into ISP.

Export of Payouts: This can provide good info but it will be multiple files, as you will have to download each Payout one at a time. Again, we don’t recommend this one.

Export of Transactions: This is a more robust export, as it provides data on contributions, refunds, and expenses. We recommend using this option to pull data from your WinRed account.

Once you navigate to your desired export option, click the filter icon and filter the data you want to include in your export. Ideally, it would be wise to capture all data. However, if you choose to not include report disputes or other items, you can do so.

After you’ve created the desired filter, click Apply Filter and the page will refresh. Next, click Download. In order to actually retrieve the file, in your WinRed account navigate to Utilities, then to Data Export. In the list of generated reports, you should see the one you just created at the top. Click the green Download Ready button to export the data for import into ISP.