How Do I Add or Set a Filer?

In order to generate Compliance reports, you’ll need to set your Filer. This allows the system to generate the reports with accurate committee and financial information. If you have not set up your committee and staff records, you will need to do that before setting your filer. If you had ISPolitical import data from another system, some of this section may already be set up for you.

How do I set my Filer?

Setting your Filer happens from the Compliance reports page.

1. Navigate to the Reports tab, then to Compliance.
2. Click on the Entity field, enter in your committee name, then click on it once you see it. 
3. The Set button will appear in the bottom nav bar. Clicking this will set your Filer.

Multiple Filers (and Joint Accounts)

Setting the Filer for joint accounts, or if you have multiple filers in one database, happens on the same page. Once you have one Filer set using the steps above….

1. Click the Related Pages menu button at the bottom of the screen, then click Manage Filers.
2. At the bottom of the resulting screen, click Add Filer.
3. In the window that appears, enter the committee name of the Filer you’d like to add, then click Add Filer.

Please note that your account may come with a set number of allowed filers in one database. If you have reached this max, you’ll see a message stating this and that adding a new filer may create additional charges.