How Do I Add a Reattribution OR Redesignation?

The difference between a Reattribution and Redesignation is an important one, both for compliance and financial reasons. 

Reattribution: One donation is split between two or more people. The most common example of this is a donation was made from a joint checking account and a portion of the donation needs to be reattributed to a spouse.

Redesignation: All or a portion of a donation is moved to a different election. The most common example of this is a donation received for the primary election that is greater than the per election limit and part of it is being redesignated to the general election. With a Redesignation, check with your filing agency for any specific rules regarding the redesignation process.

How do I add the Redesignation or Reattribution?

First, locate the original transaction either in the Register or within the entity’s record. From there, click on the hot dog menu (the three dots to the right of the transaction) and select Redesignation/Reattribution.

This will direct you to a screen showing entity details on the right and transaction details on the left. At the top of the transaction details is a toggle switch labeled Transaction Tag. This allows you to determine if the transaction you are about to create is a Reattribution or a Redesignation.

Once you’ve completed the fields, click Save or Save & New. A memo transaction will then be created based on the Reattribution or Redesignation you created.

If you’d like to view the transactions related to the Reattribution or Redesignation, or any transaction that has Splits or related transactions, click the hot dog menu, then select See Related Transactions. From there you’ll be able to edit any related transactions, if needed, or just confirm the details.