Financial Report Recipe: Donors by Quarter Using Conduit Date

There may be scenarios where you want to pull a financial report to search for contributions where the Whole Date is, for example, the span of a reporting period. 

Following these steps will retrieve all contributions that were either directly given in one period or given through a conduit and the conduit’s check was received in the same period:

  1. Navigate to Reports, then to Financial
  2. On the Financial Reports page, select Transactions from the Report field dropdown menu
  3. Click the downward-facing arrow next to the words Transaction Date, then choose Whole Date from the dropdown menu
  4. Make a selection from the Whole Date field dropdown menu
  5. In the Transaction Type box, select Monetary Contribution from the dropdown menu
  6. Click the Generate button 
Using Whole Date in the Transactions Report negates the need for individual donors to be listed on the Period Results Report.

If you want to list donors by Individuals or Organizations, select Entity Type from the dropdown menu in the Columns box.

To aggregate donors, select Aggregate by Entity from the Aggregate Option field dropdown menu.