About the WA Form C4 – Non-Candidate

Applies To: Washington

The Washington Form C4 – Non-Candidate is to report contributions and expenditures by a committee. Aggregation is totaled per Calendar Year. The Current Election selection determines the election Year. If you select Non-Election, we use the year in the To Date. To amend this report, set your date range to be the same as the original WA-C4 report. A filing for the same reporting period will automatically be considered an amendment.

Version Differences:

  • PDC: Expenses are itemized if each transaction is $50.01 or more. Refunded Contributions are only listed on Schedule A; Schedule C is not used. The itemization threshold for Accrued Expenses is $750.01
  • Seattle:  Expenses are itemized if the entity’s aggregate expenses are $50.01 or more in the reporting period. Refunded Contributions are listed three times: once on Schedule A and twice on Schedule C. Itemization threshold for Accrued Expenses is $250.01.

To file, log in to your state account and upload the generated report from ISP. 

For Seattle filers, access your agency account and upload the generated report from ISP.